From the moment “Candidate” Trump announced that he was calling for a ban on all Muslims trying to enter the United States, there was no question that his campaign would be mired in immigration issues. If there were any doubts, his promise to his supporters to build a border wall and to make Mexico pay for it erased them. Once winning the presidency it was a far gone conclusion that his presidential legacy would be riddled with immigration conflicts.

2018 would see the biggest immigration conflict stem from the “Zero Tolerance” policy that saw children separated from adults they had illegally crossed the southern border with. The policy was meant to identify the adults as parents, and to avoid children being placed in the hands of human traffickers. Although President Obama had also separated children from adults that crossed the border illegally, without the medias information warfare Obama didn’t face public outrage.

In 2019 there is a new immigration conflict brewing. Last year many parents who had crossed the border illegally were deported to their countries of origin without the children they came with. On March 2, 2019, 29 of those parents returned to the border seeking entry into the U.S., asylum, and to be reunited with the children they left behind. The parents have been traveling for over a month among a group of immigration attorneys.

What has slipped under the radar of the American public is, the 29 parents have been granted entry into the country to apply for asylum while beginning the process of being reunited with their children. The parents come from Honduras, Guatemala and El Salvador, and have 27 children spread out across the U.S. One has to wonder, with the national emergency declaration for border security, why have legislators and the Trump administration been silent on this issue?

Why is it that illegal immigrant children are not sent back with or returned to their parents? What is the point of keeping them here if the parents can return a year later and gain entry into the country? Why are the American people told about the gang members, drug mules and human traffickers traveling with the caravans, but not about previously deported parents traveling with immigration attorneys, until they reach the border and gain entry into the country?

According to multiple reports, once the group arrived at the border advocates urged “critics of Trump’s anti-immigration policies”, to contact Customs and Border Protection and pressure officials to let the parents into the country. On Saturday, Rep. Raul Ruiz (D-Cal-36), Rep. Nanette D. Barragan (D-Ca-44), Rep. Veronica Escobar (D-Tx-16), and Rep. Debbie Mucarsel-Powell (D-Fl-26), who is the 1st Ecuadorian-American in Congress, were among Democrat representatives that took to Twitter draw sympathy and invoke calls to action on behalf of the deported parents.

Previously reported by NBC news, “thousands more children than previously known were separated from their parents…”. Pictures and videos that we have all seen support those allegations. We also know that family separations at the border predate the Trump administration, but we don’t know the true magnitude of the situation since. One thing is for sure, while public attention is drawn to the fight to secure funding for border security, and caravans that we are told are headed our way, we are not told exactly how the story unfolds once illegal immigrant caravans reach our southern border. What we now know is, many of those within caravans are gaining entry into our country by their own means and at times assisted by our government.

James Cheef