After the the first case of Wuhan coronavirus in America being diagnosed on January 22, a fifth case is being reported today, January 26, 2020. All five cases involve people that have recently traveled from Wuhan, China where the outbreak began. The new cases were diagnosed this weekend and involve persons from Seattle, Los Angeles, Chicago and Phoenix.

Director of the CDC’s National Center for Immunization and Respiratory Diseases, Nancy Messonnier, says a minimum of 100 additional cases are being investigated. Previously I wrote an article that you can read at the following link Wuhan coronavirus about health officials reporting that the virus would spread in America faster than previously estimated.

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The Brazos County Health District in Texas has identified a possible third case of Wuhan coronavirus in America. The unidentified person recently traveled to Wuhan, China and is currently confined to their home because health care providers noticed they had symptoms similar to those produced by the virus. Currently the virus has killed 18 people and infected more than 600 across a minimum of nine countries. In another possible case, on Wednesday a traveler at Los Angeles International Airport was met by firefighters and police. After showing ‘disturbing’ symptoms similar to those of the virus is currently hospitalized and quarantined according to the Daily Mail.

Despite the outbreak being downplayed in America, health officials now warn that Wuhan coronavirus will spread throughout the United States at a more rapid rate than predicted. Dr. David Heymann of the World Health Organization warns “new evidence suggests more distant contact could spread the virus, such as if an infected person were to sneeze or cough near someone else’s face.”

As of yesterday Chicago International Airport was added to the list of airports that will be screening passengers traveling from Wuhan. In the case of the Washington man that was the first diagnosed case in America, 16 people that were in contact with him during the 5 day period before he was diagnosed are being monitored by doctors.

Regardless of the media downplaying the spread of the virus, and despite what any politician says, the spread of Wuhan coronavirus should be taken very seriously. What some may view as a potential cause of panic, many of us feel the American people should be informed of the serious nature of the new virus that is spreading faster than expected.

James Cheef