Today the American Conservative Union announced that a CPAC attendee tested positive for Wuhan coronavirus (COVID19). They also posted an “Important health Notification) on Twitter.

The unnamed patient was exposed to the virus prior to attending CPAC. The patient was tested at a New Jersey hospital where they are currently quarantined. CDC officials have confirmed that the test was positive.

According to the ACU the patient had no contact with President Trump or Vice President Pence. The attendee also did not take part in any main hall events. At this time no details have been provided about which events the patient did attend. As of yet there are no details about where the patient was exposed or how long ago that was.

The ACU is urging those that attended CPAC and have concerns to contact the ACU or the Department of Health for the state of Maryland. In a statement the ACU says “Our children, spouses, extended family, and friends attended CPAC. During this time we need to remain calm, listen to our health care professionals, and support each other. We send this message in that spirit.”

Currently in America there are 401 known cases of the coronavirus and 17 deaths have been attributed to the virus.

James Cheef