After placing third in the New Hampshire primary Amy Klobuchar may have thought she was gaining traction to becoming the Democratic Presidential nominee. But like many others on the campaign trail her past is coming to haunt her. Activist groups like the Minneapolis NAACP and Black Lives Matter are calling for Klobuchar to end her bid for President.

At the center of the conflict is Klobuchar’s tenure as the District Attorney of Hennipen County. In particular the case of then 17-year-old Myon Burrell who was sentenced to life for the killing of 11-year-old Tyesha Edwards. Klobuchar has touted her record as a tough on crime prosecutor throughout her political career. She’s been proud of being tough on crime during a time when Minneapolis earned the nickname Murderapolis. But in the case of Burrell, there was literally no physical evidence tying him to the murder. Yet, during a recent Democratic Presidential debate she bragged that “We found the shooter and we put him in jail. We did the same for the killer of a little girl named Tyesha Edwards who was doing her homework at her kitchen table and was shot through the window.”

A Holiday Tragedy

Tyesha’s murder took place in 2002. Burrell and his family had previously moved from Minneapolis to the small city of Bemidji about 3 1/2 hours away. His family was in Minneapolis to visit his grandmother for Thanksgiving. Within 24 hours Tyesha was murdered. In four days Burrell’s fate was sealed.

The intended target of the shooting was 17-year-old Timmy Oliver. Prior to the shooting Oliver had been pointing and waving a gun at associates of Burrell, Ike Tyson and Hans Williams. The two eventually became Burrell’s co-defendants. Burrell was only identified by a jailhouse snitch. Tyson admitted that he and Williams picked up a third man after seeing Oliver on the streets. With gun in possession Oliver and the third man exited the vehicle leaving Williams as the getaway driver. After Tyson let off 8 rounds at Oliver he and the third man ran back to the vehicle and drove off. Tyson did not realize that one of his bullets struck and killed Tyesha until later in the evening.

Building a Case on Lies

Police had no issue in arresting Tyson and Williams. Along with a 911 tip from one of their girlfriends many witnesses said they saw the duo riding by just minutes before the shooting took place. Tyson told his attorney, inmates, friends, and even a prison guard that Burrell was not with them when the shooting occurred. A friend of Burrel’s, Latosha Evans told police that she was with Burrell at Cup Foods, a local corner store. A store which was under police surveillance at the time for drug and gang activity. Even still, surveillance tapes from the store were never reviewed and have since gone missing. Latosha was never called in to corroborate the alibi. Although the gun was never found a magazine was. Police say prints lifted from the guns magazine and vehicle could not produce a positive identification.

Burrell, 16 at the time of the shooting was interrogated for three hours with no attorney present. Requests to see his mother who was in the next room were denied a total of 13 times. One officer told him that he was a “huge disappointment to his mother and that she had told officers that he was capable of the shooting.” At the same time they told his mother there were several eyewitnesses tying her son to the shooting. Through tears she repeatedly requested to see her son, to no avail. One day before Myon was indicted she visited him in jail. While driving back to Bemidji she lost control of her vehicle and hit a tree. Upon impact the car burst into flames and she did not survive the accident. Klobuchar refused to allow Myon Burrell to attend his own mothers funeral. Citing that he was a threat to public safety. Due to a Miranda Rights violation Burrell’s first conviction was thrown out.

Subsequently detectives turned to jailhouse snitches to secure a second conviction. In an interrogation video lead homicide detective Richard Zimmerman can be heard saying “I know you weren’t there that day. So if I could get the names of the people that did this to this little girl, it’s worth some major dollars to me. And nobody ever knows.” The young man being interrogated can be heard chuckling. Also in the interrogation room is another detective that didn’t even flinch when Zimmerman bribed the young man. Zimmerman is also quoted as saying “hearsay is still worth something to me.” Which he follows up by offering $500 for a name. Three names were given. Zimmerman paid for one. The name of Myon Burrell. The teenager who moved from Minneapolis to stay out of trouble.

Klobuchar’s Response

While being grilled by Sunny Hostin of The View, Klobuchar responded with “All the evidence needs to be immediately reviewed.” With the power of being a U.S. Senator representing the state in which she locked up a teenage black male up for life, her only response is that the evidence should be reviewed. Myon Burrell is now 32-years-old serving life for murder that the guilty party has admitted to. To this day there has been no physical evidence or eyewitnesses tying Myon to the murder. Yet Klobuchar thinks she deserves to be President of the United States.

For full details of the year long AP investigation visit the following link. Myon Burrell Investigation

James Cheef