In a decision sure to send Democrats into a frenzy, President Trump announced today that he is considering closing the southern border due to reported cases of coronavirus in Mexico.

As Friday was a day unlike others with regard to reported cases of coronavirus on the United States, mexico announced it diagnosed three cases of the coronavirus. One short of a dozen, 11 Republican members of the House of Representatives sent a letter to the Trump Administration requesting details on how they plan to contain the virus at the southern border. Concerns expressed by the lawmakers are straight forward stating “Given the porous nature of our border, and the continued lack of operational control due to the influence of dangerous cartels, it is foreseeable, indeed predictable, that any outbreak in Central America or Mexico could cause a rush to our border…The non-secure southern border is a liability and should be seen as such in any plan for preparedness response.”

Travel restrictions are also being considered for the countries of South Korea, Italy, Japan and Iran. According to the Trump Administration these travel bans have been being discussed for more than a week. Reports from Iran about the toll coronavirus is taking there are conflicting. The Iranian government has reported 12 deaths in the country. However, Parliamentary representative Ahmad Amirabadi Farhani has said the tru number is “many times higher”. Some put the total number of deaths in Iran contributed to coronavirus at 50.

In a Saturday afternoon press conference, Vice President Mike Pence said Americans do not need to go buy masks to prevent infection. Leading to confusion, on Friday the Trump Administration announced its intent to invoke a federal defense law intended to up mask, gloves and gown production. During the Saturday afternoon press conference President Trump attached the number 45 million to mask production.

This article is in no way about the Trump Administration and the conflict surrounding the handling of the Wuhan coronavirus in America. I can only speak for myself as a journalist. My mission is to provide clear and concise information to the public to ensure they can take the precautions they see fit, and to cut down on any confusion provided by conflicting media reports that may be politically biased. I am a conservative, but my only mission is to provide the public with necessary information. In times such as we are facing, there is no room for political division. We are all Americans and disease is not biased! Although I will say, information does not cause panic. Lack of and conflicting information causes panic.

James Cheef