.38 Special toting, President Trump supporting, Virginia State Senator Amanda Chase announced that she will be running for the Governor of Virginia in 2021.

Chase made the announcement in front of the Virginia Capitol building. According to colleagues she has been considering running “for some time”. Her decision was made final in response to recent legislation passed in Virginia concerning gun laws and freedom of speech. “I’ll continue fighting for your constitutional freedoms and rights, so help me God!” said Chase during her announcement.

Although Chase is a freshman Senator she has had no problem with being vocal and pushing back. At times even against the Virginia GOP. She has been a legal gun carrier since becoming a senator. After an incident where a fellow Senator was being harassed to the point Capitol Police had to be called, she decided to openly carry her gun while in the Capitol building. In another incident involving herself she recalled the visibility of her gun being a deterrent.

In September 2019 Chase was “kicked out” of the Chesterfield Country GOP. The action did not remove her as the Republican nominee but, it did disallow her from being a voting member of the local party. The action came after Chase would not end support and contributions to Independent Sheriff candidate Rahn Kersey. Naturally the GOP expected Chase to support the Republican nominee. In her defense she “doubled down on questioning his Republican credentials” says Chase in response to her lack of support for Kersey.

Both parties agree that the tension stems from an incident Chase had with Capitol police. Chase was accused of cussing out and berating the officer. While she denies the allegations she admits that there was a “disagreement” between her and the officer, but they were the only two people involved to know what happened. In answering to why she’s at odds with Kersey she states “I’m the Republican nominee, he’s the Republican nominee. We’re supposed to support our Republican nominees and he did not and he didn’t even come to me and say, ‘What happened? What’s your side?’ He took advantage of that situation to not support my re-election.” Source Link

I can truly appreciate a person who stands there ground when accusations are made and questions not asked. It is refreshing to see a candidate step up in Virginia after recent legislation has passed that takes its citizens liberties and freedoms. Now the question is, will the Virginia GOP support the candidate that’s fighting for civil liberties and freedoms? Or will egos and agendas stand in the way of freedoms?

James Cheef