WASHINGTON – President Donald Trump used a rally in Iowa on Thursday to slam the ongoing impeachment trial in the Senate and claimed his administration is having a “happy period” because Americans have already moved on.

“The American people and frankly people all over the world know it’s a hoax,” said Trump, who is rallying in Des Moines on the eve of a pivotal vote that will decide whether senators will hear witnesses in the trial. “This is a happy period.”

Trump called Democrats “totally sick” and predicted that Republicans in the Senate were going to treat him “very fairly.”

“Watch,” Trump said. “Just watch.” 

Embracing harsh rhetoric to describe Democrats, Trump claimed that his rivals wanted to “nullify your ballots, poison our Democracy and overthrow the entire system of government.” 

Trump is rallying in Iowa four days before Democrats there hold the nation’s first presidential nominating caucus. Though Trump doesn’t face a serious challenge for the nomination in Iowa or anywhere else,the president’s campaign has described the event as a “good workout for our ground game” ahead of the November general election.

Trump started the rally by touting his recent trade agreements with China, Mexico and Canada. Trump signed a “phase one” trade agreement with China that lifts some tariffs in exchange for Beijing agreeing to purchase billions more in U.S. agricultural products. 

“You’re going to make a lot of money,” Trump told the crowd. “You’re going to have to get bigger tractors and a hell of a lot more land.” 


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